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Optometric Associates & Children Vision Screenings for the New School Year

Preschool Children Vision Screening in New Holland

We're proud to participate in one of the largest school screenings in New Holland. CrossNet provides tons of support to low-income families with various amazing programs, such as free bagged lunches, free backpacks, haircuts, vaccinations and more!

Our practice is joining together with CrossNet to help provide families and kids without access to regular eye exams to finally have a chance to get one. We'll be joining a few other practices in a large vision screening event, and offering vouchers for eye exams as well as free eyeglasses to children who need.

These vision screenings aren't exactly equivalent to a full eye exam, but it allows a few eye doctors to check many people who wouldn't have access to a real comprehensive eye exam. Plus, part of the vision screening is to encourage parents and families to be aware of the benefits of seeing a real optometrist. While it's very hard to do a true eye exam on the go & screenings don't check for everything, it does address some immediate, noticeable issues. Unfortunately, 20-25 percent of vision issues will be missed on average from a vision screening, and retinal disease or tumors will be undetected due to lack of dilation and advanced testing. However, a vision screening can test for visual acuity and a various number of visual disorders and eye conditions.

Dr. Andrews is the President of the Optometric Association of Lancaster. We'll be part of a group of 8 doctors screening nearly 2000 children at the backpack giveaway in Lancaster City. Click here for more information on this great event!