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FAQ for Emergency Care

Quick pointers about what to do.

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What are the urgent eye care options in New Holland & Lancaster, PA?

Other than visiting us, your optometrist, a few family physicians, ER, & urgent care facilities.

Who handles most of these visits?

We handle most eye emergencies in the area & Lancaster because most of the urgent care & family practices refer all patients to us.

Why do we handle eye emergencies?

We’ve been here since 1980, and with a longstanding relationship with the community. Many of the family doctors enjoy working with us and trust that we’re the best resource for emergency care.

Over the last 6 years, we’ve taken urgent eye care as a predominant of the office’s everyday life & built-in emergency slots into our schedules to ensure any emergency case is handled timely & with care. On top of a busy schedule, we handle anywhere from 2-4 emergencies a day or more.

Is there someone who can deal with an eye emergency? Do I need to wait on hold to get an answer?

Any of our staff can triage and directly help deal with the urgency of your care over the phone. Any of our doctors will evaluate the triage & ensure the level of emergency is dealt with either the same day or as soon as possible.