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Foreign Body Removal | New Holland, Pennsylvania

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There is a tiny piece of aluminum, steel, metal, etc. in my eye. Is this serious?

Foreign bodies in the eye can be quite damaging. For example, a small piece of metal in the eye can oxidize and rust, potentially causing infections and corneal scarring. Therefore, we will try to get a patient with something like this into our office as soon as possible.

How will you treat this condition?

We will apply a topical numbing medication to the cornea to ease your pain and make you more comfortable. We will remove the foreign body while your eye is under topical anesthetic, and we will check that there is no rust underneath the object. If there is, we will remove that as well. We will give you topical antibiotics and check up on you the next day and a week after to ensure that the healing process is going as smoothly as it can.


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