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State Driving Exams, Vision Test | Lancaster, PA

Why Do I Need An Eye Exam To Get A Driver’s License?

Failing the basic vision screening for getting a driver’s license can result in the need for documentation from a licensed eye care practitioner of an eye examination. It is important to get an updated prescription for contact lenses and eyeglasses and wear them while driving for your safety, and the safety of others.

Why Am I Still Limited?

Some eye diseases can limit your ability to see well enough to drive at any time or under certain conditions such as at night.

What Is Involved In An Eye Exam?

Our doctors will examine your eyes for signs of eye disease and systemic health concerns as well as provide expert vision correction.

Regular thorough eye examinations are good for you because:

  • May see signs of systemic diseases such as diabetes before other signs appear
  • Many eye diseases such as glaucoma begin without noticeable symptoms but are much more successfully treated in the early stages
  • Even small changes in your prescription can result in better vision and eye comfort
  • Headaches and fatigue can be the result of poor vision even if you think you see fine